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Please accept this as your invitation to our BIG GULLY FARM BULL SALE on Thursday, December 14th at the farm beginning at 5:00 PM MST-a half hour earlier than past years.  We would love to host each of you, along with your family and friends, for supper and drinks at this pre-Christmas event.  We must start by expressing our gratitude to the commercial and small number of purebred producers that have invested and greatly supported us with their previous purchases-particularly last year with a volatile and soft feeder market leading up to a miserably cold sale day.  We are appreciative and proud of the repeat and local support that has been afforded us-two of the most difficult tasks in establishing an enviable customer base.

The group of long-yearling bulls are useful and consistent in regards to muscle, balance, structural integrity, maternal quality and pigmentation.  Although we don’t make this assertion annually, we do believe our 2017 born bull calves are truly exciting-coupling their phenotypic quality, breeding versatility and strong multi-trait genetic profiles.  These calves are the result of ET matings, first calf heifers and breed leading AI/Natural sires-ensuring the most current and promising genetic combinations we can provide.   

As in years past, Shari will broadcast the sale online at www.LiveAuctions.tv simultaneously with the live sale-beginning at 5:00 PM MST.  However, unlike previous years, no pre-bidding will occur prior to the sale.  If intending to view online, please register for a buyer number several days in advance to allow a relaxed evening during the sale.  Contact us with any questions you may have regarding this simple process.
2017 is the first year we will forego selling registered females-a move intended to expand and bolster the maternal strength and uniqueness of our cowherd by retaining each purebred female and applying selection pressure based on their initial production.  However, for 2018, we anticipate offering modest numbers of commercial open heifers, both Hereford X Angus and Simmental X Hereford.

As the number of breeds with a major influence has diminished and in many cases breed differences are becoming less striking, we do believe HEREFORD’S have maintained a unique position to provide the commercial cowherd with as much benefit/utility as ever before.  Their superior docility, feed efficiency, hardiness, structural longevity and low input characteristics-united with advances in udder quality, pigmentation, muscle and moderation of frame provide the ideal balance to most other breeds in a crossbreeding scenario.  I would challenge every commercial producer, “Are you utilizing heterosis or hybrid vigour to its full potential in a planned crossbreeding system?”  No matter what breeds are involved, in our opinion there are tremendous economic and production benefits to using complimentary breeds.  One of the most impressive images a commercial producer can convey is a pasture of cattle with near identical color, breed influence, body type and calf appearance due to a consistent, regimented crossbreeding system.  Although it may raise eyebrows, a true strength of HEREFORD is that the breed isn’t really regarded as being extreme or excessive in terms of output for many/if any traits, thereby providing the ideal foundation to establish optimum expression of traits when mated to virtually any other breed.  In the profit equation, producers do an exceptional job measuring output, but rarely are inputs and cow maintenance costs scrutinized as harshly.  If they were to be, Herefords would likely factor favourably in building a low input maternal base which could then be mated to terminal or strong performance sires to optimize output in the feeder progeny.

In trying to attract progressive commercial cattle operations to consider utilizing our genetics, when they may currently overlook us due to the size of our sale, our use of unfamiliar genetics or potential lack of name recognition-we hope to establish a particular perception and image that we intend to be synonymous with Big Gully Farm.  When it comes down to the basis of what we hope that perception to be, bulls from Big Gully Farm should be expected to share several criteria.  These include:
a) Being docile, sound, muscular, big bodied and attractive.
b) Sires sourced from breeders of high quality cattle, but more importantly operations with
integrity, professionalism, humility and talent that derive their living from cattle production.
c) Dams with high quality udders, desirable body capacity/muscle, structural integrity, youthfulness and
maternal character.
d) Strong multi-trait EPD profiles.
e) Genomic Enhanced EPD’s to provide greater confidence in the genetic merit at a young age
f) Ultrasound carcass data collected and applied in selection on all bulls and replacement females
g) Parentage verificiation, genetic abnormality free status and horned/polled status on each sale bull
h) Records of calving ease; birth, weaning and yearling weights; scrotal; mature cow weight; udder scores; ultrasound backfat, ribeye and intramuscular fat for each eligible animal in the herd.
As proponents of expected progeny differences (EPD’s), we have put considerable selection pressure on these for generations.  Obviously EPD’s are a tool; therefore we utilize them and feel competitive from a data standpoint.  All purebred sale cattle have been parentage verified and possess low-density Genomically Enhanced EPD’s (GE-EPD’s).  For those unfamiliar, this testing allows a higher degree of accuracy in knowing the true genetic merit of the cattle at a younger age for a variety of traits-essentially a risk management plan.  If you are unfamiliar with either of these tools or their utility, we would gladly discuss them prior to the sale.  Every year we submit calving ease, weight (birth, weaning, yearling, mature cow), scrotal, udder score and carcass ultrasound measures (ribeye, back fat, intramuscular fat) on each eligible animal to the Canadian Hereford Association.  The bottom line is we believe selection applied to these traits will improve the profitability of the progeny born to bulls we raise in an array of production scenarios.

FREE OF CHARGE, ALL BULLS will be developed here at the farm through till next spring-double vaccinated with Fusogard, ultrasounded for carcass merit by Shari (calves), evaluated for breeding soundness and delivered when best suits the buyers preference.  We know that unforeseen circumstances potentially arise with semen testing and breeding.  As a precaution, the bulls have been scrotal measured by the local veterinarian to assure satisfactory development.  However, if a concern after spring breeding soundness evaluations or during actual breeding arises-our intent is to be honest and straight forward with you and we expect the same in terms of finding a satisfactory resolution.  Rest assured, we have spare 2-year olds, a large assortment of bull calves and potentially our herd sires available for you to utilize should a current or past purchase prove concerning.  We prefer finding a pleasing substitute bull or reimbursing your money and avoid issuing sale credit.

In closing, we would be proud to host you at this pre-Christmas event.  Please join us for supper and drinks between viewing the cattle and the sale itself.  Please be sure to arrive early considering the short day light hours.  No matter if you are interested or just curious about the offering, we would encourage you to at least take a look and see if the type of Hereford cattle we enjoy producing may work for you!  If we can be of any assistance prior to the sale, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Lance & Shari Leachman

Frances Leachman


Additional Information

Advantages of Yearling Bulls
-Latest genetic material
-Physically smaller for heifer breeding
-Potentially longer productive life
-Work well as junior sire in multiple sire pasture setting
-Lower development costs can translate to more affordable purchase price

Advantages of Two-Year Old Bulls
-Ability to service larger number of cow
-Ability to more readily maintain body condition if properly managed
-Mature phenotypic characteristics more readily apparent


Big Gully Management

Sale cattle are parentage verified and free of genetic abnormalities
100% Interest and Possession Sells for each animal
Heifers/first calvers and mature cows are managed separately post-calving
Calves are dehorned at birth
Calves are vaccinated 2 weeks pre-weaning
Quiet weans are used to wean all calves
EPD’s and genomics are highly utilized as selection tools
Docility is readily apparent in the cattle
Dams are udder scored at calving
Steer calves are implanted as an economic practice
Cows are electronically weighed each fall at weaning
Calves are electronically weighed at birth, weaning and yearling age
Yearling bulls and heifers are ultrasounded for carcass merit
Females are pregnancy diagnosed via ultrasound
Cows are given ScourGuard 4 KC before calving
Calves are given Inforce 3, Somnustar PH and Multimin 90 at birth
35% of bull calves are kept intact annually
We show cattle as a promotional tool and to gauge our quality relative to all other breeds
We have a 66 day breeding season after which bulls are removed
100% of heifers are synchronized and AI bred on Day 1 of Breeding Season
75% of cows are AI bred during first 21 days of breeding
Bulls and replacement heifers are developed on ground oats, Cargill Right Now mineral and Alfalfa/Brome/Wheatgrass hay
For a 30 day flushing period prior to breeding the cows are fed a 13% CP screening pellet
Cattle are our specialty and lone concentration
Breeding females receive vaccinations at least 30 days pre-breeding
15-20% of our females are culled each year
Our breeding females average 4.5 years of age
Most cows are removed from herd by 10 years of age when productivity diminishes and superior genetics should have replaced them

We don’t only sell bulls we would keep ourselves-we only find a couple bulls each year we would use


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Introduction . View Sale Offering . Sales Staff . Terms & Conditions