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June 17, 2017

We have received exceptional moisture so far this spring/summer with excellent pasture and hay crops developing.  The calves are likely a bit ahead of normal for growth and performance with the ideal conditions.

Bulls will soon be removed from their breeding groups, with the cows left for a month before pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound in early August.  We bred a smaller group of replacement heifers than in 2016 and also consolidated the number of sires utilized during breeding season.  We purchased C 95T MILES MCKEE 6060 from Colyer Herefords in February.  He is our second “C MILES MCKEE 2103 ET” son and his dam is an exceptional uddered first calf heifer sired by “Trust.”  “6060” was utilized as the post-AI heifer service sire.  Additionally, heifers/cows were AI bred to “Famous”, “5001”, “Catapult 109”, “Walk Off 549” and “Mr. Canada”.  Natural sires then put out with cows included “Famous”, “5001”, “Checkpoint 60C” and “6060”.  The Angus and commercial Angus cows were all bred naturally by “Hurley 271C.”   Embryos were implanted from “Catapult 109” and “Mr. Hereford”.

Early looks pretty quiet with a nice hay crop to complete, hopefully in a short period of time-unlike the past few years.  We made a short trip to Idaho in late June to tour some Hereford operations and take in some sight-seeing before haying commences.  The only commitment in July will be judging the Yorkton Regional 4-H Show on July 5th.  August will be substantially busier with the NorthWest Hereford Field Day in Turtleford on August 3rd.  We will also plan to attend the SouthWest Hereford Tour on August 10-11. 

We would like to invite all of you to attend our Big Gully Farm Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 3rd here at the farm.  The afternoon will include pasture tours of bull calf pairs, heifer calf pairs, yearling heifers, herd bulls and two-year old bulls.  The evening will include a prime rib supper and visiting for everyone in attendance.

If you are ever in the area, please stop by for a visit and tour of the cattle.  We would be pleased to show you how the cattle are developing and the genetics currently being utilized here.

Kind Regards,

Lance & Shari

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