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Lloyd and Pam Leachman moved to the present location of Big Gully Farm in 1962. At this time they ran a herd of about 100 head of commercial cattle as well as grain farming. In 1967 they wished to start a purebred Hereford herd. Being inexperienced and naive in the purebred business, they sometimes chose the wrong type or pedigree or got the wrong advice. We have since learned that where there are good people, there are also good cattle. In 1968 “Big Gully Farm” officially came into being under The Home Act Department. Thus, the Big-Gully prefix identifies our cattle.


Buddy & Frances, along with sons Lance & Tyler continued the farms development, gradually shifting from a mixed operation to one that focused solely on cattle.  Presently, Frances along with Lance & Shari reside at the farm 12 miles north of Maidstone.  Lance currently manages the cattle and daily work at the farm after returning in May 2010 from completion of a Master’s Degree in Animal Breeding & Genetics at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.  Younger son, Tyler, completed his studies in Vermilion, AB and is now employed as a full-fledged journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic at MRC Midfield.





Lance married Shari on July 5, 2014.  Shari grew up in Hamiota, Manitoba and graduated from Lakeland College in Vermillion, AB with a diploma in Agriculture Business.  Shari is involved with daily farm tasks, but has several other business interests as well.  Her company, Ultrabeef Ultrasound Services, allows her to travel across Western Canada assessing carcass merit in purebred cattle.  Furthermore, she is a Mary Kay Independent Sales Consultant.  Shari also serves as a Western Canadian Representative for and will provide both live or internet only online bidding services at cattle sales.  Shari and Frances enjoy sharing responsibilities for a small herd of Angus cattle at the farm.

Big Gully Farm presently comprises approximately 3000 acres of crop, hay and pastureland.  We have rented out our crop land for production of wheat, canola, peas and oats, but continue to grow alfalfa and grass hay for the cattle.  Our cowherd numbers approximately 150 head of Purebred Hereford and Polled Herefords, along with a select group of Angus cattle that Shari and Frances oversee.


On December 14, 2017, we will host the 4th Big Gully Farm Bull Sale. This event has continued our utilization of internet bidding, but also incorporates a live audience and auctioneer to provide customers with a more comfortable venue for purchasing bulls.  Sourcing and merchandising are very challenging tasks at our farm.  We spend considerable time traveling and visiting to accomplish these goals.  We enjoy visiting herds of all breeds that may be similar or divergent in their breeding objectives as compared to our own.  Visiting other operations and attending exhibitions such as the National Western Stock Show and Agribition give us an idea of where our cattle rank relative to the larger Hereford population.  We love to have visitors see our cattle and are very proud of the females and bulls that are available to view.