Lot 1: $10,750-Working Genes Ranch
Lot 2: $12,500-Red Willow Ranch
Lot 3: $9,000-Craig’s Ranching
Lot 4: $5,750-Steve White
Lot 5: $8,500-Hillsvale Colony
Lot 6: $7,750-Leonard Conlon
Lot 7: $12,250-CS Ranching
Lot 8: $8,500-Travis Cooke
Lot 9: $5,500-Dan LaClare
Lot 10: $11,250-Brost Land & Cattle
Lot 11: $5,750-Jason Fradette
Lot 12: $6,000-Jason Fradette
Lot 13: $6,000-Ricky Shaver
Lot 14: $5,250-Donnie Mitchell
Lot 15: $4,500-Carston Grabler
Lot 16: $8,250-Wood B Herefords
Lot 17: $8,000-Wood B Herefords
Lot 18: $9,500-Little Fort Herefords
Lot 19: $6,250-Rocking G Land & Cattle Co.
Lot 20: $5,750-Harold & Alice Oddan
Lot 21: $3,000-Paige Lehmann
Lot 22: $3,500-G & B Feeders





Updates prior to April 25, 2015

April 25, 2015

Calving was completed in early April and we ended up at 100% calving rate for the first time ever with the aid of three sets of twins.  The calves are further developed than they ever have been due in part to both age and hopefully increasing quality.  The cows seem to be in excellent condition as a result of the more mild winter and are milking really well for still being fed dry hay and supplemented with 6 lbs of pellets per day.  We were able administer pre-breeding vaccinations to all females and bulls with Bov-Shield Gold FP5 and Tasvax 8, along with Ivermectin, in late March.

Shari ultrasounded all of our yearling bulls and replacement heifers for carcass merit on the last day of March, before I began delivering yearling bulls.  Not only does Shari have a passion for this business practice, but we have done it for years and believe it to be important in the quest to make beef more popular and highly demanded than it currently is.  The data benefits breeding decisions in our herd, accuracy of EPD’s and GE-EPD’s within the Hereford breed and the knowledge we have of our cattle. 

I made a trip to Sidney, Montana to pick up C BAR1 0235 GOLDEN DAN 4061 on April 2nd.  On the way down, I was able to drop off bulls to new customers at Bengough and Lake Alma.  After crossing the border uneventfully, I went to Manitoba to pick up a pair of heifers that Shari’s parents, Jack & Pat, wanted us to have. 

Shortly after bringing 4061 to the farm, we were fortunate to collect and freeze semen on both him and C 88X RIBEYE 2011 at Alta Genetics.  This will help in our AI program this spring.

We bred 37 heifers on April 22 on a synchronized heat to C 88X RIBEYE 2011, CRR 109 OLD SCHOOL 301, SLDK VENDETTA V-9 and SULL TCC MR CUSTOM MADE 340 ET.  The first cows were bred on April 17th and have been steady since.

On April 25th, we vaccinated calves and castrated the initial group of bull calves before they are sent to pasture the second week of May.

The majority of bulls from the fall sale have been delivered, with only local customers and short deliveries remaining.

Shari and I are traveling to Australia to attend the Wodonga National Show and Sale in mid-May.  Shari will also attend the tri-annual Beef 2015 Convention and Show in Rockhampton.  We plan to stop at several cattle herds and see diverse areas of the country during our 4-5 week stay. 

As always if you are ever in the area, feel free to stop and visit.  Moreover, if we can ever be of assistance in any way-please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Lance Leachman


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